Celtic Art Inspired Designs

Last week, I posted about the Desborough Mirror and Jody Joy’s theories of the creation of the designs on Celtic mirrors.

Over the weekend, I decided to try it.

Although I know that I do not grasp the same concepts of design as those people that designed mirrors thousands of years ago, it was a lot of fun to look at the piece in terms of smaller buildings blocks (the motifs) that I didn’t fully understand how to use and play with combinations.

I did both designs in pencil and then digitally edited them so they’re easier to see. I’ll be posting both the original picture and edited picture.

The first one I did turned out to be a bit of a mess and more complicated than I expected going in, which is why one part is heavily designed (that’s where I started) and other parts are simpler (the last bits, like the stripes on the side).










The second attempt at design turned out, in my opinion, better than the first, partly because it’s a bit simpler and I had a better grasp of the motifs.

New Doc 1_3New Doc 1_5 (1)





And yeah, it looked better when turned into a digital file, too.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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