Circassian Circle Dance

The Circassian Circle Dance is perfect for big groups, people new to this type of dancing, and in the interest of honesty, people without a lot of a rhythm. It simply requires people to pair up, decide who is the “man” and who is the “woman” (actually gender is a bit irrelevant), and dance!

Ah, simplicity.

I’ve only done this dance once, and it isn’t one of my favorites simply because I like the ones that involve more jumping around, but it was also super fun. The steps didn’t require much thought, all of the dancers were on the same page (even the ones struggling), and it was a good break from the dances with more jumping around.

It’s also much easier to do while drunk than some of the others.

This summer, while at an event called Common Ground on the Hill Traditions Week, I went to the Celtic Night concert. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to see Canadian Celtic musicians Cassie and Maggie MacDonald lead some of the audience in a few dances, starting with a rendition of the Circassian Circle.

It’s wonderful how these dances can be found all over the world from the migration of Scotsmen and Irishmen, and how modern musicians are taking traditions and adding their own twist. Makes me wish I knew more about music.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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