10 Things I’m Excited for in Glasgow

1-Learning about my university

The University of Glasgow is about 12 times bigger than my undergraduate institution. It’s located in a large city, whereas I grew up in suburbs and went to college in a small city. My residence is a 25 minute walk from campus, whereas it took me ten minutes at the most to get across my entire campus. It will take me a lot longer to learn to navigate this campus than it did my undergraduate campus.

I’m excited for the chance to live differently and see how I fare in a different environment.

2-Meeting those in my program

Usually when I talk about Celts or Scots or anything Celtic related, really, I get stares or a “that’s fascinating” or “really?” because only my capstone advisor knew enough to have a conversation with me. It’s intimidating, but also really exciting, to be entering a program of people who most likely know more than I do, and to be working with professors that have years of knowledge to pass on.

3-The library

I was an English major, so of course this has to be on the list. I have about a week and a half of mostly down time to get to know the city and campus, and I will definitely be spending a lot of that time learning the layout of the library and seeing what kind of gems I can find among the bookshelves.

4-Seeing my accommodation

I’ve read that there’s a sink in my room. I can’t wait!

5-Meeting my flatmates

I will be living with a currently unknown mix of fellow uni students for the next 9 months at least, probably the next year. They will help shape who I am as a student and as a member of the Glasgow community. Meeting them is of vital importance to my first few weeks in Glasgow.


There’s no better way to get to know a city than by just wandering around until you know you won’t get lost. Plus, I’m finally creating a set running program, so I will be able to plan my routes around getting to know the city.

7-The food

I currently have about a dozen restaurants and cafes saved on Google Maps that I need to check out in the first month I’m there so I know where to go when I have cravings.

8-The Yarn Cake

knittingOne of my hobbies is yarn arts, including knitting, spinning, and crochet, but mostly knitting. The Yarn Cake is a cafe/yarn shop mix, so they have cake and tea as well as yarn and yarn supplies for sale, and they have a knitting night. I’m already hooked (ha, crochet pun).

9-The weather

It’s been in the 90s far too much for my comfort, and it’s not fun to run when it’s over 80 F (26.6 C). Right now, it’s in the 60s in Glasgow (15-20 C), and the 60s are fantastic running weather. It’s also ideal fall/spring weather, which is becoming rarer in the northeast US.

It’ll feel cold while I adjust, but once I do, I’m going to be loving it (until it drops into winter mode, at which point I will need to embrace the chill).

It also gives me an excuse to wear my recent and current knitting projects, which have been useless in the heat.

10-The dancingmurtagh dance

Scottish Country Dancing and Highland Dancing will now be within reach for my physical and viewing pleasure.


Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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