A Letter to My Future Self: I Hope….

Dear Future Self,

I hope you remember how nervous you were to start your program at Glasgow.

I hope you remember standing in your room trying to get a year’s worth of clothes into a single suitcase and realizing that, even if you managed it, there’d be no room for your yarn and knitting needles.

I hope you see the changes in the mirror, the extra length of your hair and the new marks on your face.

I hope you remember your nerves and your fear and the effort it took to go to Glasgow, and I hope you kept pushing through it all until you were exhausted and satisfied.

I hope you’ve done well. I hope you’ve immersed yourself in your studies and joined the clubs you wanted. I hope you spent days in the library, and I hope you chose to start drinking coffee instead of giving in to the pressure and the work.

I hope you’ve loosened your priorities and left room for romance, and I hope you’ve developed friendships that make it all worth it.

I hope you ate things that were so good you went back for more every week, and I hope you developed a finer taste for whiskey.

I hope you laughed and cried and yelled in anger and pain, and I hope you’ve laughed and cried and yelled in bliss and pride.

I hope you could give a good shot at translating this into Gaelic, and I hope you’ve developed a slight Scottish twang to bring home to Mom and Dad.

I hope you’ve learned so much that you’ve realized the extent of what there still is to learn.

I hope you look back at me and think, “She was good, and she brought me here, but this version of me is better.”

I hope you pushed yourself.

I hope you’ve been afraid.

I hope you still run, and I hope you can run really far.

I hope you’re looking forward to seeing your family again, and I hope you get to see your good ol’ American friends again.

But most importantly, and this is really where I hope you’re listening…

I hope you’re truly happy, and I hope you’ve done the things you wanted.

And I hope you made a difference.


Your Present Self


2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Future Self: I Hope….

  1. Carrie Hinckley

    I can’t remember if I have ever drank a whiskey straight. I think I may have had it in a whiskey sour back in my college days. I would like to try whiskey but have no idea where to start. Do you have any brand suggestions to start with? What should a newbie start with?


    1. I don’t know nearly enough about whiskey to give good recommendations. I’ve been told by multiple people to find a pub with a big selection and ask bartenders/patrons there since they’ll usually know a good deal about what they’re drinking.


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