A Garden, A Cathedral, and A Cafe: My New Home

20160908_160141Dearest Readers,

It’s a little amazing how fast places go from new and exciting to same old, same old. Even Glasgow, which is an adventure every time I go somewhere new (which is still every day), is beginning to feel familiar.

Yeah, I’ve been in my residence and here on my own for only two days, but that’s why it’s so interesting that I already feel a bit at home in this strange, gigantic city.

I haven’t posted in a few days because jet lag caught up with me and putting a post together just takes too much energy to do after wandering the city for hours upon hours.

20160908_142549I went to the Botanics on the 8th. It was awesome to see all the different plants they manage to grow here by means of glass houses and a bit of science that I don’t quite know. Arid plants, plants from South America, orchids, and surrounded by little statues and even big statues.

I imagine that in the middle of the winter, when it’s dark more than it’s light, I’ll be stopping by there at least a few times a week to enjoy the green, the leaves, and the flowers.

After the Botanics we went to Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis (pictures for all three places can be found here). It was neat to revisit the Cathedral with the knowledge that it was used in Outlander. I wish I’d taken some screencaps to be able to compare them, but I guess I’m going to just have to watch some of the episodes and place it.

What a shame.

One of the memorials at the Necropolis was to dedicated to babies that have passed. It’s a sad thought, especially because of the items left by mothers and families around the memorials, including a small pair of booties. I don’t have any personal experience with the loss of life so young, at least not at an age where I can remember, but after Claire’s experiences in season two, I can’t help but feel a pang of loss for Faith and all mothers that went through something like that.

Moment of silence.20160908_162228

I’m writing this up in The Yarn Cake, a cute little café/yarn shop a relatively short walk from my residence. It is as adorable as I thought it was. I have some peppermint tea (alright, a lot of peppermint tea) to enjoy and right in front of me is a wall of gorgeous yarn.

It’s super relaxing, too. Right now, around 2:00, there are two people besides me. A few people have come in looking for patterns or to buy yarn, but this tiny little place with the (did I mention?) gorgeous wall of yarn is a perfect place to do a bit of typing to you wonders of the world.

They even have yarn flowers in the middle of the tables. It’s adorable.

The 9th was my move-in day, but I couldn’t move-in until after 4. We had to figure out what to do until then, since we hadn’t planned anything, and we ended up going to Òran Mór (“big song” and “great melody of life” are two of the translations from Gaelic) for the A Play, A Pie, and A Pint, where you get a drink, a plate, and a seat for the play. The play was called Behind the Barrier by Muriel Grey, and it was both funny and sad with a lovely cast of three.

oran-morI enjoyed it. I also enjoyed that by “pie” they meant “meat pie,” which was helpful since we didn’t have time (after sleeping in) to get lunch before we needed to get to the show.

It was a bit of souvenir shopping after that until we were able to order a taxi. It was, of course, raining harder and longer than it had all week. Luckily, once we got there, it was an easy matter to get my key and get my stuff to my room. That’s because three helpful uni students that volunteered to help with move-in took my suitcases.

According to one of them, if we managed to get it all the way from America, they can get it the last 100 meters.

Since then, I’ve been unpacking and shopping and relaxing, trying to figure out what I need and taking some time to myself to explore until the events start for Fresher’s Week, which is basically a big party with a bunch of events, as far as I’ve seen. Plenty of the events require a Fresher’s week pass, which I’m not getting because those events tend to revolve around alcohol and partying, and they start far too late for someone trying to get on a sleep schedule correct for the time zone.

Also, there are postgraduate events happening at night at the same times, so I still have somewhere to go to socialize, and there are events during the day for everybody.

Anyway, that’s the update, and I’ll be looking forward to spending this week finding interesting things to tell you about as I explore the uni’s library and make my way to events such as whisky tasting.


Your Bonnie Celtophile,




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