Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

For some reason, I’ve had the good old wedding tradition “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” stuck in my head for a few days. That’s why I decided to base a post off of it even though there’s nothing “wedding” happening my life.

In the last week, I’ve done some prepping, some socializing, some running, and some relaxing before the official start of my courses tomorrow. Here are some of those things.

runSomething Old:

Running! It’s been interesting not having a sports team or something to look forward to for the fall, but that changed when GUHH (Glasgow University Hares and Hounds) met for the first time this year. It was wonderful to run a new part of the Kelvin Walkway with a group and to follow it up with a trip to the pub.

It was my longest run since earlier this summer, but it was relatively easy because of having the group around me chatting.

Also in this group is Runners Connect. This summer, while trying to keep the motivation to run everyday, I took up listening to Runners Connect podcasts during my runs. It was something to look forward to, it was interesting, and it kept running in my mind. I had to switch the app I use for podcasts, but having familiar voices in my ear on new routes made getting out the door easier this week.

Something New:

Knitting Group! I’ve knit for over a year now, but I have never been part of the glorious idea of a group of people coming together to work on projects. It was just as relaxing as I thought it would be, and I’m glad I will be able to join them since their meetings don’t conflict with my schedule (or timetable, as it’s called here).

Yes, there were some other new things, like the first Guinness I actually enjoyed, but this has been the biggest one from the last week since it will continue in the coming year.

Something Borrowed:

Books! I hit the library and took five books off the Celtic shelves to read while waiting for classes to start. Probably won’t be able to finish them before tomorrow, but I will certainly try! Two are for Gaelic learning, one is an Irish/Ulster epic (The Tain), another about highland myths, and the final one about literacy in Celtic societies.

The library, with its twelve floors, has been much easier to navigate since I took a tour and some time to wander.

20160917_163822Something Blue:

The Sky! (Sometimes.) Although it has been cloudy and has rained, the moments when the sun is out and the sky is blue are amazing. They’re the best to run in, and they guarantee people will be out enjoying the weather in the parks.

I took some time to read at the Botanics while it was lovely yesterday. I definitely can’t complain about the view.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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