US to UK: The Registration Process

My registration for Glasgow was a three step process, which included academic registration and financial registration before my academic induction and registering (enrolling) in courses. I spent a couple weeks worrying that I wouldn’t be able to follow the directions and wondering why the UK and the US have to be so damn different, expecting nothing except…

registration before

…but then I got the email with instructions and it was surprisingly easy. More like…

registration after

Registration for other UK schools is similar, although the registration help sections indicated that the exact steps depend on the school, much like in the US.

Step One: Academic Registration.

This step is basically checking your details. Name, contact information, program, and the like. Mine included the opportunity to add a photo for the student ID card, although I was able to skip it.

For me, this step raised the issue that my contact information right now is different than my contact information will be, and I don’t even know what my contact information will be. However, I solved this by simply putting in my current contact details since I’ll be able to update the information later.

Step Two: Financial Registration.

This was tough for me. At this point, students need to give evidence their tuition is being paid or set up a form of payment, like direct debit.

I’m paying for the tuition entirely from student loans, enough USD to cover the cost if the exchange rate suddenly shifts significantly into the GBP’s favor (and if it’s over the cost of the tuition after it’s exchanged, I get that money in GBP there). The loans will be released after I’ve done all the registration and start classes, not before, but there wasn’t a place to put that option.

I panicked for about twenty seconds before I remembered the help request option available. I explained my issue and two days later, I was able to go in and complete the financial registration with the click of one button thanks to my Glasgow federal loan contact.

A possibly tough situation made super easy.

Step Three: Enrolling in Classes

About the same time I was diving into the academic and financial registration, I got a lovely email from my program about academic induction and enrolling in classes. They told me, and this was a bit of a relief, that I didn’t need to worry about enrolling for classes based on the list of requirements.

Instead, I should wait until after the induction, at which point I’ll have more information with which to choose my courses.

I wasn’t going to complain about a little more guidance.

I ended up enrolling in most of my classes the weekend before classes started since one of my classes met before my induction and I knew what I wanted to take. The process was simple, and it had tutorials for how to use the software.

I’m currently enrolled in all my classes with minor problems solved pretty quickly by the administration.

So, to recap:

Academic Registration + Financial Registration + Class Enrollment – Stress = Happy Student

Do you have experience studying in the UK? What was your registration process like?

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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