5 Glaswegian Fudge Flavours to Describe My Week

Dearest Readers,

Yesterday, I went to the Christmas Markets in St. Enoch’s square. It was mostly to scan the offerings of homemade goodies and handmade beauties, but I did pick up a few things, like a present for my mom and some fudge.

This past week has been an interesting one for any American, regardless of political leanings, and emotions have been, and still are, running high. It has been particularly difficult to process the emotions surrounded by people that, largely/mostly/everyone-I’ve-heard-mention-it, dislike the new president-elect and sometimes have very negative views of America/Americans/the American election system.

[This is not a political post, so I’m not discussing my views of the matter. If you’re curious, let me know, and I can write about it another time.]

I needed the fudge I bought at this market to add some sweetness to a day meant to recharge my emotional circuits.

So I thought, since that fudge has come to represent a lot to me at the end of the week, I would represent my week through the five flavours of fudge I bought.

1-Mint Macaroon

Mint is one of my favorite flavours. It can be harsh, mild, peppermint, spearmint, fresh mint, fake mint, chocolate mint, vanilla mint, even mint in pasta is fair game in my mind (not that I’ve ever tried it). To me, it always has a bit of a kick, but is also sweet, and leaves a pleasantly cool feeling of contentment resting on my tongue.

For these reasons, I’ve chosen Scottish Country Dancing to pair up with this flavour. Dancing this week, and for the next few weeks, will be for more hours and taken more seriously than before as I train for a demo at a ball next month. Some muscles I’ve rarely used are getting activated for new movements, which is a lovely challenge.


Whiskey is almost the go-to drink-when-you’re-down drink. Sad? Get some whiskey. Confused? Whiskey. Uncertain? Whiskey. It’s raining outside? Whiskey.

(I rarely drink alcohol, so the above statements might be a bit of an exaggeration.)

This week, it simply represents that there have been a number of people that have asked me if I was drinking on Wednesday or Thursday. I even got asked in Gaelic, in class. So, whiskey represents the emotional rollercoaster of American politics.

3-Irn Bru

Quintessentially Scottish and certainly Glaswegian is this lovely drink here, and I’m going to use it to represent the joy I’ve had running through Glasgow’s streets. I can take a new route almost every time I lace up my shoes, and that’s a big change from running the streets of my hometown or my undergrad. It’s beautiful in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night, and it never fails to leave me tired but happy.

4-Hot Chocolate Baileys

This fudge is extremely good. It mixes a comfort drink, hot chocolate, with an alcoholic one, Baileys, and therefore I take this to be a good, relaxing drink but with a bit of work tied to it, so it’ll represent the final step into working on final essays and presentations for my classes.

5-Hot Chocolate Marshmallow

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow has all the comfort and relaxation of Hot Chocolate Baileys without the alcohol/work, so this represents the amount of time I’ve spent doing relaxing, fun things this week and making my way over to the kids side of Netflix to watch comfort shows from my younger years, like Victorious (okay, that was high school, but still, it was a simpler time then).

What are some of your favourite kinds of fudge, and what would they represent in your life? (Seriously, try it and share. It’s fun!)

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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