Holiday Cards From Glasgow!

Dearest Readers,

I went shopping the other day for groceries, necessities, and of course, Holiday cards! It’ll be my first time sending them on a massive basis, and I’m super excited.

So excited I bought 40 cards in three packs so I would have enough different ones that nobody that would cross paths would get the same ones. Yay for planning!

That means, however, that I’m going to have Christmas/Holiday cards left.

So I thought I would send them to some readers, because you guys are awesome, and I want to jump into the spirit of Thanksgiving and say THANK YOU for reading, interacting, and encouraging me along my journey so far.

And it’s easy to get one! Just email with the subject line “Happy Holidays” and a funny joke or a cute picture.

Okay, I’m joking about the funny joke and the cute picture. I actually need your address, or at least recognition that you’ll send me your address when I email you back saying you’ll get one.

You’re welcome to send the joke or picture, though. I won’t mind.

Right now, I plan on sending a card to the first five people that email me. It’s not that it’s a contest or anything, just that I’m only sure I’ll have that many left, and there needs to be a limit, just in case.

But if you’ve been commenting or emailing or otherwise following the blog for a while, tell me your story in your email and there’s a pretty good chance I’ll send you one even if you’re not in the first five, especially if you’ve commented or emailed.

Because I know who you are (sort of), and I appreciate every word you’ve said typed.

Summary: email me that you want a Christmas/Holiday card (with or without your address included. I have no preference, so it’s totally up to you) and include how you know this blog. I’ll email back the first five people letting them know they get one (as long as I do get their addresses at some point) and might even send to more than five.

Also please let me know if you don’t celebrate Christmas! I have some that are full of a general holiday spirit, so I can send one of them.

Email (again):

Your Grateful Bonnie Celtophile,



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