10 Things People Ask Me About America

Dear Friends,

It’s inevitable that I would get asked questions about my homeland, especially since some cultural aspects are transmitted around the world and the creative outputs go pretty viral. Portrayals of American culture are everywhere.

So what have people actually asked me? I’ve included 10 questions I’ve gotten.

(And surprisingly, none of them relate to politics).

1-Red solo cups. Real or not real? (Real. They also come in other colors.)

2 -Are cliques common? Do you actually have the jocks, the mean girls, etc? (Depends where you went and what your class was like.)

3-Why do you say the Pledge of Allegiance in school every day? (Good question. Pretty sure it started with the Cold War.)

4-Isn’t it a little creepy to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school every day? (Yeah, probably…..)

5-So what’s it like living in America? (You’re going to have to be more specific.)

6-What’s up with American gun culture? (It’s complicated.)

7-Why do you have the flag everywhere? Do you forget you’re American and in America? (No, we don’t forget. Many of us are just really…passionate.)

8-Don’t you get annoyed having a roommate all through uni? (Not really. We expect it, and it can be really fun, or lead to some funny roommate horror stories, at least.)

9-How big is American football, exactly? (Very big. Very, very big.)

10-Do you really have cheese you can squeeze out of a can? (Yes. Yes, we do.)

So many of these questions are small things, but they intrigue some of our friends across the great big pond, just like we Americans wonder about things like what it means to be considered Primary 6 (that’s fifth grade, btw).

Have you ever traveled outside the US and gotten an interesting question or two? What were they?

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



2 thoughts on “10 Things People Ask Me About America

  1. Christine DeMars Victorsen

    Interesting post, Dani! I can’t believe though that you aren’t asked at every turn “What the hell were you all thinking?!!” (I had heard that the Scots don’t like Trump at all!!) in regards to our recent election–or maybe you just don’t want to get into it here which I totally understand!


    1. I actually don’t get asked that a lot. I have talked about it with people in class and such, but people here (at least at the uni) tend to be as up to date on the news as I am. UK newspapers follow American politics, so nobody feels the need to ask unless it’s brought up for another reason, and then they usually just ask what my thoughts are. It’s quite nice.


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