End of Term and a Day Out in Edinburgh

Dearest Reader,

I have missed my Sunday post. I deeply regret not working on the post sooner, as yesterday became a bit hectic academic-wise. I have an essay due before next semester and needed to finish all the in-person library research before I leave the country. It is, as far as I know, complete, but it left me sleepy and without time to get a post in, and I thought: why not post some pictures from Edinburgh?

One of the girls I studies abroad with in 2014 is in Scotland for a graduate program. I haven’t seen her yet, and she’s in Edinburgh until she heads back to the States. I met up with her after a stop at a yarn shop, Ginger Twist Studios. We wondered the Christmas market, went to some tourist shops, and went out for afternoon tea at Eteaket (which was really yummy). It was an absolutely lovely time and a good way to spend one of my last days in Scotland this year.

My actual last day is Wednesday, but I’m leaving for the airport at 5:45 am, so it doesn’t really count.

Tomorrow, I have some last-minute shopping to do (new dance shoes and some Christmas presents, anyone?) as well as a Christmas Lunch with the Celtic and Gaelic staff and postgrads. I do believe it will be delightful, and I will get to wear my new reindeer Christmas sweater. (It has a hood with antlers. What’s not to love?)

For now, I simply have some pictures of Edinburgh to share, but I do plan on delving back into what I learned this semester so I can share some more lovely Celtic and Gaelic things, and there are some books I want to review, so there will be more interesting things coming while I’m back in the States….

20161212_134100 20161212_134117 20161212_145543 20161212_150755 20161212_145749 20161212_145803 20161212_145826

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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