January Two Minute Handstand Challenge

Dearest Readers,

Over in 365-Day Journal Challenge, I talked about having my own Personal Peak Challenges this year. My Peak Challenge, the basis for this idea, is a community of people making personal challenges to complete during the year while raising money for charity. Unfortunately, I can’t join this year.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t set my own challenges!

In addition to the year long Journal Challenge, I’m also going to be doing monthly challenges based on fitness. I’ve been a full-body athlete all my life, but recently I’ve mostly just been dancing. I’ve known for a while now that I need to bring back other aspects of fitness into my life (like arm strength), so these monthly challenges are a way to do that.

This month’s challenge came from a desire to focus on my arms and core and to reminisce about my days as a track athlete. Handstands were important to my (limited) ability to pole vault, so I did them all the times throughout my four years in undergrad.

This can also be done with planks, both straight arm and bent, if you think this would be fun but don’t think handstands are the best ideas.

Since it’s for January, it basically becomes a 31-Day Handstand Challenge. The ultimate goal is being able to hold a handstand (against a wall) for a full two minutes.

January Two Minute Handstand Challenge

Let the challenge begin.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,




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