Bonnie Challenges 2017: February Journal, Netflix, and Circuit

Dear Friends,

Doing this a month at a time isn’t the best way, I know, and I will be getting the rest of the year up within the next couple of weeks as well as reflecting on January’s Bonnie Challenges.

For today, though, I have the Journal Prompts for February (in case anyone is following along or decides journaling every day sounds fun), and I have the monthly challenges I’ll be undertaking in February, and there are two of them. Exciting!

So, February Prompts:

  1. Write about being friends with someone.
  2. Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without?
  3. Write about someone you admire.
  4. Write about a teacher that has influenced you.
  5. Write about someone you miss.
  6. Write about your first kiss.
  7. Think of at least one object, animal, etc. that has symbolic meaning to you. Write about it.
  8. Write about the most romantic thing you ever did for someone.
  9. Write about the most romantic thing someone ever did for you.
  10. The words I like to live by are….
  11. Write about the thing you would do if you knew you wouldn’t fail. Why don’t you try?
  12. What’s something you will never write about? Write about the opposite.
  13. Would you live a nomadic life if you could?
  14. L-O-V-E. Write a poem, each line beginning with a letter of the word “love” or the phrase “I love you.”
  15. What is home to you?
  16. What does patriotic mean to you?
  17. Close your eyes and picture your utopia. What’s it like?
  18. What are the top ten qualities of your romantic partner/do you look for in a romantic partner?
  19. List four things important to you that money can’t buy.
  20. Write down ten things you love about yourself.
  21. Write about a song you love. How do the lyrics make you feel?
  22. What’s something you’re grateful for today?
  23. What’s your favourite food? Describe its taste.
  24. Write a letter to someone you love.
  25. What’s your favourite TV show and why?
  26. What advice would you give your five-years-ago self?
  27. What are the five main things you love about your life so far?
  28. What is something about yourself that you want to love, but don’t? Do you think you could ever love it? If not, what could you do to improve it?

In addition to the journaling, I will be avoiding streaming video for a month. Rules are:

  • No Netflix, BBC, Cable News, Youtube (except for dance practice…), or anything else to stream videos.
  • Movie theaters are allowed.
  • Events in which movies are watched are allowed.
  • Joining with friends to watch something is allowed.
  • Sitting alone in a room watching a screen is not allowed.

The goal of this is to break my habits of passively watching something throughout the day and replacing them with more active habits like reading (and engaging with it), exploring Glasgow, studying, practicing dance steps, writing, knitting, and learning a new skill like embroidery, to name some things.

I also hope I will become more aware of my mind and body and have more energy.

The second thing I’ll be doing this month is completing the 7-Minute Workout every week day and stretching Saturday and Sunday. The main goal of this is to re-engage my body in exercise besides dance, rebuild strength, and further expand my exercise regime when the month is over.

I encourage you to make your own Bonnie Challenges to try. You can do almost anything for a month, right?

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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