Suns Out, Scots Out

Dearest Friends,

When it comes time for the clouds to clear and the warm air to sweep its way across Glasgow, it’s also time for the city to come out of hibernation.

No more huddling up under warm clothes and avoided eye contact. No more multiple layers with a scarf overtop. No more boots and long coats and hats to hide under. No more rushing from place to place because it’s better indoors.

No more.

When the sun finally dominates the sky and weather grows warm (so like…50-60 F), it’s time to don t-shirts and cardigans and capris. It’s time to take over the open green spaces and smile at strangers as you pass. It’s time to slow down and enjoy the penetrating warmth of the sun seeping into your bones.

And it’s time for those of us unused to emerging from such a hibernation to wonder at how beautiful, how magical, Scotland is under a bright blue sky after having survived so much gray for so long.

To wonder at the speed in which flowers spring from the ground and bloom towards their source of life, and the speed at which humans seem to do the same.

Coming from a colder, brighter winter to days that seem to be too hot, as I usually do, is nothing compared to emerging from months of mostly cloudy skies to a bright day just warm enough to spread cheer but not so warm that you want to shun it.

It was so lovely, in fact, and such a great way to go to and from the library that I completely forgot to take pictures of the flowers spreading across some of the lawns at the botanics or the animals that were livelier than ever.

Lucky for me, though, it’s supposed to stay sunny and warm, though not as warm as today, for much of the week, and that, my friends, is something to smile about.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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