Bonnie Challenges Reflection: Jan, Feb, and March

Dearest Readers,

When I started this, I thought I would reflect on each month after it happened. That, however, hasn’t happened, so I have three months to reflect on. Here it goes!


January’s Bonnie Challenges were handstands, and the goal was to get to 2 minutes. I didn’t. I got to almost a minute and a half…but not 2.

I made a few mistakes. For one, there weren’t any rest days built in. For two, I built too slow at the beginning and far to fast near the end.

Oh well! I did the handstands every day, at least, and it was nice to get into that again. Have I done them since? Well…no. I had other challenges to do, and then I got…lazy.


No Netflix and a daily 7-Minute Workout/Stretching were the Bonnie Challenges in February and this month was great. I was more productive and read for fun more than I had in a long time. I also successfully did the workouts or stretching, sometimes both, and it was nice to be getting stronger.

I think I’m going to bring versions of these back into my life as more than monthly challenges because in terms of health and productivity, March has been…tough.


March’s Bonnie Challenge was to go pescatarian. I made it two weeks, and by then I was so tired all time and had such a hard time focusing that I brought some meat back into my diet. One reason was because I was having a difficult time completing my assignments, and another was because I wanted to make sure that was the reason I was feeling bad. If not, I would’ve had to go see someone.

Fortunately, I felt better after having some chicken, and I haven’t looked back, so this one isn’t even close to a success. I might try again later, or limit my consumption of meat, but for now, with knowledge of how badly I felt during that incomplete transition, I’d rather just keep my diet as a healthier version of what I’ve eaten most of my life.

Having ditched the challenge, then, and also having the end of classes come, I have become lazy and binged the entirety of How I Met Your Mother over the last couple weeks, around doing an essay and some other stuff.

So, I’m very excited that April is here and I’m into my Bonnie Yoga Challenge. It’ll be really nice to add more of the structure back into my life, even something as simple as a daily date with some flexibility improvement.

Have you been doing any challenges? How have yours been going?

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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