3 Foods That Remind Me Of Home

Dearest Readers,

Recently, I’ve been craving a lot of strictly American foods or styles of foods. For instance, the nice, fatty, greasy burgers my dad makes on the grill and the juicier meatballs. The hot dogs and the not-quite-cheese.

So, to combat those cravings, I’ve turned to foods I can find that remind me of home, even if they turn out a little different than what I’d get in the States.

So, here are three foods that I associate with home.

1-Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

The boxed goodness of Kraft Mac and Cheese has been a big craving recently. My mom makes it all the time at home for some girls we babysit, so it’s become pretty associated with baking or playing games in our kitchen.

Lucky for me, in the American section of Tesco Extra are boxes of the original just above the Lucky Charms. That’ll be lunch tomorrow.

2-Hot Dogs and Eggs

This is something my parents made growing up. I loved it. Still do. I ate hot dogs a lot when I was younger, so it was a good way to get something besides hot dogs into my system, as well. It also just tastes really, really good.

Brown slices of hot dog in a pan, throw in some scrambled eggs and you got yourself some yum. I made it twice last week. The hot dogs aren’t the same here, so it tastes a little different, but it still reminds me of weekend morning with my family, so it stays.

3-English Muffin Pizzas

This is my dinner tonight, and I’m so excited. English muffins (as I know them – here the closest thing I found are just called muffins) with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni is how we make them at home.

Here, I’ve settled for some salami I bought at Loch Lomond’s Springfest yesterday, and I’ll probably add some vegetables.

These are perfect for feeling like a giant that eats full pizzas in 4-6 bites and has half a dozen in a sitting. It’s very satisfying.

What foods remind you of home?

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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