Outlander VS Poldark: Who Wins?

Remember the debate last fall? No, not those debates. I’m referring to the one where we reconciled our collective guilt for obsessing over Poldark in an Outlander-like fashion by comparing the two shows pecs-to-pecs head-to-head. Well, obsessenachs, that Outlander vs. Poldark scenario just got real—very real— with the announcement that Poldark will be back on U.S. screens starting October 1 at 9 p.m. Why? Because that’s the EXACT day of the week and EXACT time that Outlander will also finally be back on our screens. And the scheduling plot thickens…

via Fall is coming… Outlander vs. Poldark, Literally. – Outlander Cast Blog

Dear Readers,

I’m really interested to see how this plays out. My heart says it’ll be Outlander that wins, but there are so many variables at play.

Who do you think will get the views? Which do you watch/would you watch this fall?

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



5 thoughts on “Outlander VS Poldark: Who Wins?

  1. Christine DeMars Victorsen

    Poldark will show in the UK in June and in the US in Oct. Outlander is supposed to begin in Sept so it will have a head start on Poldark. Since I will be getting Outlander online through Amazon Prime I will probably watch Poldark and then after that watch Outlander–unlwss Amazon members get to see Outlander after midnight of the night it will be on cable in which case I will watch it just after midnight on Sun and again Sunday morning. While I love both if I HAD to choose, Outlander would win by a hair!


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