Habitica: Productivity’s a Game, and You’re Winning.

My Dearest Readers,

I don’t like to use planners. I’ve tried, and it generally doesn’t work out for me. I prefer post-its and constantly shifting lists and multiple schedules for each aspect of my life in an endless array of messy planning that I’m surprised has never failed me.

But I’ve found something that works. Something that keeps the things I need to do for the next few days or weeks in one place yet still allows it to be a messy, constantly changing list.

And I earn experience, hatch pets, and go on quests in the process, because with Habitica, productivity’s a game, and you’re winning.

It’s simple, really. You get an avatar. You level it up by completing your tasks, which can be habits (multiple times a day), dailies (once a day), or to-dos (one time only). You can add due dates and a checklist to each task. When you check something off, you get experience, gold, and sometimes items. The items include eggs, hatching potions, and food in order to hatch pets and feed them into mounts.

You can choose from one of four classes of character. I’m a rogue, and the other three are warrior, healer, and mage. They have special skills that can help yourself and people in your party.

Parties are groups you can join that go on quests, which involve either finding items or doing damage to a boss, both of which require simply completing your tasks.

The harder the task and the more steps to finishing it, the more damage you do, and the more experience and gold you receive.

You have HP, too, which you lose by not completing tasks on time or by acting on negative habits.

Basically, Habitica is a video game fueled by your to-do lists.

And I adore it.

If you think it’ll be useful for you, try it out and let me know how it goes.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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