Surprise Visitor and Art in Edinburgh

Dearest Readers,

Last week, my friend from home – I’ll call her K – told me with about two days to spare that her family is vacationing in Scotland, and we would be able to see each other. I was thrilled, and certainly surprised, since I had no idea her family was even planning on vacationing.

So on Friday, I hopped a train to Edinburgh, picked K up at a coffee shop, and we wandered around. We had no real plans. She’d seen Edinburgh Castle already, and was mostly just looking for a fun day. So we ate more than we should have – I definitely recommend checking out Yocoko – and looked at some art galleries and people-watched.

And then yesterday, her family came to Glasgow, and they wandered for a while, but I met K and her brother in the city center for some drinks and a farewell as they’re going off to explore Loch Lomond and old churches and then make their way back to Edinburgh for their flight home.

It was amazing to see her, especially since she just graduated, and to finally meet her brother. And it was also amazing to see more of Edinburgh and explore some lovely art and exhibitions.

We saw art by Mark Wallinger at The Fruitmarket Gallery after exploring the Edinburgh Alphabet at the City Art Centre, an A-Z of the City’s Collections. I recommend both, if you happen to be around, but I did take some pictures to share!

I do hope life is treating you well.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,


This was my favorite dress in the A-Z Exhibit.
In the upper right there’s a man that K and I thought looks like some sort of angel of death among the crowd. We were looking at the way the artist made a crowd without painting every face.
The angel of death figure from the close-up of the painting is in the bottom left.
The information about the painting with the angel of death.
I is for Ink! I loved this set of type.
That’s a big “if.”
Information about a series of signed declarations of allegiance.
Can you see the Fraser? (Shoutout to you, Outlander fans.)
Mark Wallinger’s work. The Fruitmarket Gallery says he painted one side of each painting with his ride hand and the other with his left. K and I spent a lot of time finding images within the shapes and lines.
This was K’s favorite. Every time I look at it I see something different.

One thought on “Surprise Visitor and Art in Edinburgh

  1. Annette Hall

    I enjoyed your post about your surprise visitor and hope you both had a good visit. I loved your pictures,especially the one with the printers letters [can you guess why?] and the Fraser signature, since Outlander fans are in the middle of a Droughtlander. I hope you are well also, and can’t wait until your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

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