Some Pictures of Loch Lomond

I wonder if whoever owns this boat is an Outlander fan.

Dearest Readers,

I have more photos for you this week, this time of Loch Lomond from yesterday. My flatmate and I went out for some relaxation.

We witnessed a duck attempt to murder a moorhen chick. My flatmate was in a dog’s way when he tried to climb a wall, and soon Roger was sitting in her lap with his owner trying to get him off.

We also ignored our inner voices telling us that we were watching a storm roll in over the hills, and subsequently went running through the small thunderstorm to get to Balloch for lunch. Sure, I loved seeing a thunderstorm for the first time in a while, but getting drenched was both fun and chilly.

The person that drove through a puddle and splashed us right after the storm didn’t help so much, either.

However, lunch was good, and it was mostly a beautiful day. Once we got outside again, we finished drying in about twenty minutes with the breeze and the sun.

And I got myself a better raincoat. Now I just need to wait for a nice stretch of rain to test it out.

Anyway, the pictures of Loch Lomond are below. I hope you enjoy!

Your Bonnie Celtophile,


Part of the marina.

I thought the woman sitting in front of me on the cruise made a pretty picture.
One angle of the castle.

Somebody is carving a dragon from a fallen tree.


2 thoughts on “Some Pictures of Loch Lomond

  1. Annette Hall

    I love your pictures especially the one about the Claire boat! You have really come a long way from when you first came to Scotland. I know you miss home in the States, but you have taken to Scotland like a native. No longer a Sassenach!


    1. I think I made it through the major points of transition, and I’m loving it! And your comments are always lovely to see :). I’ll have to share my theory of the transition to fully Scottish sometime…


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