How Useful is Memrise, Really?

Dearest Readers,

Memrise is an app known for its ability to help people learn languages. Unsurprisingly, Gaidhlig is no exception. So, throughout the last year, I’ve tried it out. Here are some thoughts:


Pro: You can make your own lists to learn, which makes it really easy to make sure the words in the lessons are useful to you.

Con: That takes a long time to do.

Pro: It’s really portable. One of my classmates used it on the train all the time.

Con: Not as useful when your commutes are all walking since people need to be dodged and roads crossed.

Pro: It will repeat words until you’ve proven you know them multiple times.

Con: This means it takes a long time to get through words, especially since it only does a certain amount of new words at a time.

Pro: It has games you can play.

Con: They got boring very quickly.


I stopped using Memrise after a couple weeks, but a couple of my classmates used it all year. It’s really good if you need something available on your phone or tablet or laptop for quick, short bursts of study time. The pre-made packs of vocabulary makes learning bits of a new language pretty easy if the study style works for you, and many of the words have audio files.

So Memrise is useful….if that style of studying is your metaphorical cup of tea.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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