Outlander Premiered on UK TV, and Yes, It was Amazing.

Dearest Readers,

Last Thursday, June 29, was the premiere of episode 1, season 1 of Outlander on the UK television channel More 4.

And it was amazing.

I got together with three friends to watch it, two of which have seen it and read it already.

I was so excited that I wore my kilt and “Scotch on the Rocks” tee.

We played ping pong and ate snacks for a while, then turned the TV on and moved to the couches to wait for the show to start.

There was something surreal about seeing commercials for it, which I haven’t experienced before since I always watched the show online with Starz. But it was also wonderful, as if Outlander was just another cable show available to the masses that might become (more of) a phenomenon.

We did notice that Claire sounded different. And the commercials breaking up the show weren’t the best thing. But those are my only real complaints, and the commercials simply come with cable TV. I’m really only wondering about the sound of the voices….

AND my non-Outlander-fan friend enjoyed the first episode and is willing to come back to watch the second!

Spreading the love, one person at a time.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



2 thoughts on “Outlander Premiered on UK TV, and Yes, It was Amazing.

  1. Annette Hall

    I am glad you and your friends enjoyed the show and you made a new convert! Have you read the books, yet? They are very time consuming, but worth the effort. When I started watching the show, I would read a couple of chapters before the next show came on, that way I would get more out of the show. The book seems to make the show more understandable. In September, Season 3 comes on and here in the States, we fans can’t wait! This show has made many of us fans of Scotland and we are envious of those of you who live there. Slainte!


    1. I have read all of the books, some of them twice! I am waiting anxiously for season 3, although if I’m still in Scotland then, it’ll be a bit more trouble to be able to watch it. I usually watch on Starz in the US, but if still here, I’ll have to either wait for it to air here or find another way to watch!


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