The One Thing I Miss the Most About America Right Now

Window screens.

That’s right, dear reader.

Window screens.

The UK, for some reason, doesn’t automatically put them in windows. And sure, the problem of a hundred mosquitoes flying into your room while you’re trying to survive an 80+ degree Fahrenheit night without AC isn’t much of a problem here, given the lower temperatures and relative lack of mosquitoes compared to the hundreds I’m used to encountering nightly back home.

And sure, it probably saves money on building costs for things like uni residences.

But at least in America we don’t have to worry about things that shouldn’t be in our room randomly crawling or flying inside, causing us to capture them and place them back outside.

Like honeybees or wasps or hornets, which aren’t comforting for people like me who are definitely allergic but would rather not find out exactly how allergic (fun fact: bee/wasp allergies can randomly be more mild or more severe each time you’re stung).

Or big spiders in the middle of the night that want to make residence in your curtains. Don’t get me wrong. I like spiders. I’ve seen some of the biggest spiders in the world (a tarantula in my bed, scorpion spiders crawling over my boots) and one of the most dangerous (wandering spider next to my naked self in the shower, anyone?), and those encounters were wonderful and terrifying in equal measure. So a spider the size of a silver dollar normally wouldn’t bother me.

You know, as long as it’s outside, or can easily leave.

I don’t need that hanging out in my room, not when I don’t have the protection of a mosquito net or the convenience of a lack of hiding places that I might just randomly reach into.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that America might get a lot of things wrong and do many things differently than the Scots and Brits, but I will always believe in, and miss, window screens.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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