Outlander Animals: A BJR+JAMMF Remix

Dearest Readers,

The last few weeks, I have written my post on the weekend while not immersed in the Land of Classes. This week, however, classes continued into the weekend with their many, many readings, which has caused me to have incomplete posts while still having homework to complete.

With that in mind, I have decided to share a remix I created last spring as part of a class for today. As an Outlander fan I, of course, decided I needed to do at least one remix of the show, and this one was it.

The premise of the video is as follows:

I set clips from the Starz Original TV show Outlander to Maroon 5’s song “Animals” to create “Outlander Animals.” Since the project is a vid, it by nature relies on intertextuality to make its point, which in this case is about sexual assault. The implied sexual violence of the song and its music video combines with Outlander’s overt sexual violence to expand the horror of such acts in both texts, make the viewer uncomfortable, and also highlight some issues related to sexual assault. These issues include rape culture in media and the focus on women as the victims. “Outlander Animals” successfully addresses these issues by juxtaposing the ideas in the two texts—at least for the right audience: “Animals” highlights the primal nature often associated with rape in rape culture and the more traditional circumstance of a man going after a woman while Outlander shows the calculating nature of rape and the less traditional but equally problematic circumstance of a man going after another man.

Based on that description, I should not need to specify to fellow Outlander fans that the remix includes the more explicit, tense, and horrifying scenes from Black Jack Randall in the first season of the TV show. If you are not an Outlander fan, that was your warning.

I also do need to specify that the video is not for the faint of heart. I needed to watch these clips dozens of times to edit the video, and I still cringe.

That being said, the wife of my professor (an Outlander fan) enjoyed it, and my professor thought it was well done, so I would be pleased if you took the time to watch it, and I hope you enjoy it as a fan video at least slightly.

Also, I will be finishing some posts within the next few days to put up next week.

Sláinte, and thanks for your patience,

Your Bonnie Celtophile,