Some Pictures of Loch Lomond

I wonder if whoever owns this boat is an Outlander fan.

Dearest Readers,

I have more photos for you this week, this time of Loch Lomond from yesterday. My flatmate and I went out for some relaxation.

We witnessed a duck attempt to murder a moorhen chick. My flatmate was in a dog’s way when he tried to climb a wall, and soon Roger was sitting in her lap with his owner trying to get him off.

We also ignored our inner voices telling us that we were watching a storm roll in over the hills, and subsequently went running through the small thunderstorm to get to Balloch for lunch. Sure, I loved seeing a thunderstorm for the first time in a while, but getting drenched was both fun and chilly.

The person that drove through a puddle and splashed us right after the storm didn’t help so much, either.

However, lunch was good, and it was mostly a beautiful day. Once we got outside again, we finished drying in about twenty minutes with the breeze and the sun.

And I got myself a better raincoat. Now I just need to wait for a nice stretch of rain to test it out.

Anyway, the pictures of Loch Lomond are below. I hope you enjoy!

Your Bonnie Celtophile,


Part of the marina.

I thought the woman sitting in front of me on the cruise made a pretty picture.
One angle of the castle.

Somebody is carving a dragon from a fallen tree.


“Humans are a Part of Nature….”: Cowalfest Heritage Walk 2016 Photos

Dearest Readers,

When I was working with conservationists in Peru, one of the biggest ideas was that humans are as necessary to conservation as animals. Conservation is not only about saving the animals. It is also about saving humans.

So this quote from Marc Bekoff seems appropriate to go with this group of photos, which shows human material influence on nature along our walk.

Humans are a part of nature, not apart from nature.

img_0011 img_0013 img_0014 img_0017 img_0109 img_0143

Your Bonnie Celtophile,


“The Trick to Forgetting the Big Picture…”: Cowalfest Heritage Walk 2016 Photos

Dearest Readers,

Chuck Palahniuk, who I have yet to read but will one day, has this lovely quote:

The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.”

I think it is quite pertinent given the theme of this group of pictures is “up close and personal.”

Or at least just “up close.”

This one is definitely my favorite. It’s like it’s own little forest atop the post.

img_0080 img_0098 img_0100 img_0110 img_0115 img_0116 img_0145 img_0147

Next time you’re in nature, don’t forget to stop and looker closer at the things you’re passing!

Your Bonnie Celtophile,