St. Andrew’s Highland Games

Dearest Readers,

Today, I finally went to a Highland Games. I decided to head to St. Andrew’s 33rd annual games to watch some people run, throw things, cycle, and dance, and I was not disappointed.

When I arrived, the only event on was the Highland Dancing. Lucky for me, I made it just in time for the sword dance, which was a delight to watch. I especially love the little kids, who are just the cutest while trying to get their feet in the right places. I saw them do other dances throughout the day, as well, like the ones I know as the angry Irishwoman dances and the sailor dance. If you know what those are actually called, feel free to share!

Look at these Highland Dancers being their majestic selves.

The Heavyweights did their best today, but after some decent shows of throwing heavy things, the caber proved too much for the lads. There were no successful attempts. Still, there were a lot of smiles among the men, and that’s the important part.

The runners and cyclists of all ages were focused and ready, and it looked like everyone was having fun no matter what place they came in. Indeed, even in the De’il Take the Hindmost race (the last cycling race, where the person in last every lap drops out until three are left, and those three battle it out for places) people were smiling and cheering. By that point, many people had cleared out, but those remaining were there to support.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t the best Highland Games I’ve ever been to. It rained on us multiple times (ah, Scotland), the number of people made it difficult to see sometimes, and the announcer wasn’t as enthusiastic and dramatic as others I’ve heard.

Even so, it was exactly what a Highland Games is supposed to be: people gathering together to hang out, laugh, have some friendly competition, eat food, and show off their prowess.

It was, in short, quite a lovely day, and I don’t regret the long bus ride to and from St. Andrews in the slightest.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,



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