5 Possible Signs That You are Way Too Stressed

Dearest Readers,

Last weekend, I had the unfortunate experience of becoming very suddenly completely overwhelmed. Looking back, I am unsurprised, but up until then, I was mostly unaware of how stressed and under pressure I’d become.

I am doing better now, but I certainly wouldn’t say I’m back at full steam. I am, however, able to identify some signs that I was, indeed, that stressed, red flags I could have picked up on in order to avoid the general breakdown that was my realizing just how much I have to do and just how much I’d been doing to hit my deadlines and goals.

I wouldn’t have been able to step back from everything, but I could have let up on some things and been proactive about stress-relieving behaviors.

I decided to write this post because 1-I might remember these better and keep more of an eye out in the future and 2-I’m always curious about how humans react to things, especially how I do, and hope that by my sharing, some of you might share your signs that you’re overstressed, too.

So here are 5 signs that I was far too stressed for far too long.

  1. Tired all the time. This happened gradually, so I didn’t really notice anything was different until I stopped to consider the last time I wasn’t tired most of the day. It was a couple weeks. That and constantly falling into mini-naps while doing my homework was a sure sign, and I think it was the first. I just figured it was a natural byproduct of the amount of work I had to do, forgetting that I have been just as busy but much more awake before.
  2. More time on social media. I tend not to like to scroll through social media for hours because it really wastes time, and it’s not actually a satisfying activity for me. However, I began to scroll through it every chance I got, including when I woke up and when I was about to go to bed. That’s really not helpful, but at the time, I found the mindlessness calming. I think I was actually reminding myself what life could be like if I didn’t have so many readings to do.
  3. No desire to do things I usually find fun. I like to read for-fun things. I also like to knit, and cross stitch, and dance. I also prefer to tidy my room every week or so to keep it mostly organized. All of those things started sliding, partially because of time restraints and partly because when I had free time I went straight to social media instead of something that really relaxes and rejuvenates me, like a good book. If the fun things in life start to disappear and you don’t even notice, something isn’t right.
  4. Brain wouldn’t calm down even after journaling. Since I’ve started the 365-Day Journal Challenge, my brain has been much more calm when I try to sleep, and it has done a lot to improve how long it takes me to sleep. My mind still going a mile a minute and requiring melatonin and/or relaxing sleep music to settle should have let me know I was getting to the end of what I could handle on a really high level of productivity.
  5. Awake until ridiculous hours of the night. The thing that really told me that I was far too stressed was when I was awake at 2:30 in the morning, tired but unable to keep my eyes closed, going through my previous week and what I needed to do in the next week, unable to relax enough to sleep despite melatonin and relaxing sleep music. I’m pretty on top of making sure I sleep enough no matter what is happening because if I get off a sleep schedule, it takes a while to get back on one. Being completely unable to sleep despite it being more than three hours passed my bedtime was the thing forced me to recognize just how stressed I really was.



So where am I at now?

Well, I have people in Glasgow and back in the States that are aware that the candle I’d been burning at both ends finally went out, and more importantly, I’m aware of where I’m at. So I’ve forced the relaxing and destressing things back into my life (dance class, knitting, podcasts) and reduced the things pressuring me by prioritising and putting something on the back burner to be added back in at a later point. I have somewhat overcompensated and spent a bit too much time in non-productive-for-school activity, but I also think that was necessary.

Am I still tired? Yes, but I think right now it has more to do with getting back from a dance ball at 2am last night.

My project this week is to get back to a balance instead of leaning one way or another on the activities in my week. And to go see Beauty and the Beast next Sunday, because I have full faith it’s going to be a great movie.

What are some signs that you’re stressed? How do you handle it?

Your Bonnie Celtophile,


I Made My Own Paper Yesterday

Dearest Readers,

I went to some craft shows yesterday at the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow: Hobbycrafts, the Scottish Quilting Show, and the Stitching & Sewing Show. There were a lot of absolutely beautiful quilts on display there.

Seriously, if you can go to a quilting show with a variety of categories (so not just traditional, but also contemporary art and journal and even themed groupings from quilting communities), I totally recommend it. Not only is it soothing (I’ve been pretty stressed so that was important), it’s also extremely impressive and inspirational. The things these people can do is so impressive.

And yes, unfortunately, most of the people I saw there were older than me, and most of the people that weren’t were someone’s kids.

The best part of the day, though, was when I found out Jonathan Korejko, papermaker, had a little demonstration of how it works to make your open paper AND had a thing set up so you can make your own piece of paper out of pulp made from denim.

I’ll let that sink in.

Make your own paper. From Denim.


How cool is that?


I, of course, did it.

And it was just as amazing as I thought it would be.

The paper while still wet.
The paper while still wet.

Look how beautiful it is.

The paper while dry.
The paper while dry (I apologize for the low-quality of this image. Looked better on my phone.)

I don’t know what I’m going to use it for, but I honestly might just hang it up on my wall to remind myself how absolutely amazing handmade things are and how amazing humans are for figuring things like that out.

It’s a good thing to remember that, because I’m an awesome human, and so are you! We all have the capacity to make things with our own hands, and many of us do it every day, whether we’re making actual things or results or communication.

We’re all pretty awesome. Keep it up.

Your Bonnie Celtophile,


Bonnie Challenges: March Journal Prompts and Pescatarianism

Dear Readers,

I’m almost done with a full list of 365 Journal Prompts, but for now (again…) I just have March for your enjoyment. This month is one of stream of consciousness, which simply means writing whatever comes to mind and letting that develop into whatever it wants, from thought to thought, as organically as possible.

Each day is assigned a word, and that should be where you start: a story related to it, feelings about it, a description of it. Then let your mind run as it will.

March: Stream-of-Consciousness Based on the Word Provided

  1. Sky
  2. Plane
  3. Ground
  4. Ceiling
  5. Boat
  6. Clothes
  7. Food
  8. Drink
  9. Party
  10. Bed
  11. Chicken
  12. Trip
  13. Journey
  14. Vacation
  15. Pet
  16. TV
  17. Book
  18. Pen
  19. Bottle
  20. Treadmill
  21. Shoes
  22. Phone
  23. Door
  24. Window
  25. Table
  26. Chair
  27. Basement
  28. Diary
  29. Robot
  30. Paper
  31. Oven

My March challenge, in addition to the journal, is to go Pescatarian, which is like vegetarian but allows fish. I also want to spend less time on Facebook, but that’s not an official monthly challenge…it’s just a general life goal.

Are you doing any monthly challenges? If so, what are they?

Your Bonnie Celtophile,